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We hope you have enjoyed viewing the work we have displayed on this website. If you want to know more about a piece or are interested in buying a piece of art, please contact me or my studio manager at one of our numbers listed below. 

We have often made many different arrangements with people who want to buy my art, so please do not be shy about asking for what you want and how you want to pay for the piece you have in your heart and on your mind. 

The artist covers costs of packaging. Buyers are responsible for shipping and insurance costs. If you are a Tucson resident, we will deliver your art to your home or office.

We accept credit cards, cash and payment plans over a limited period of time.

To find the price of a painting; go to the home page and select the drop down menu "Gallery".  Then select the subcategory, for example, Primordial Women. Once you have the page of all Primordial Women before you, scroll over the painting you are interested in and you will see the name, size and price. Then give one of us.

Tina LeMarque

Artist and Author


Pam Levesque

Studio Manager


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